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francine - a spinoff from the fancylogin project
about the project2000-12-04

francine is a easy to configure themeable console login program. It's great configurability for per tty settings of who is when allowed to login or simply where the login and password prompts should be (and fit therefore in any login screen you can imagine and produce) makes it a greatly enhanced replacement of the old clumpy login.
This project is a spinoff from the fancylogin project which is still maintained by Richard Bergmair.
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about the members2000-12-04

The members of the francine project at the current three people:
  • Andreas Krennmair: The main coder of the project.
  • Gerfried Fuchs: Mainly responsible for packaging francine into a Debian package, but also for documentations, bugs and themes.
  • Alexander Griesser: He's just new to the project - for the start he want's to look after the webpage.

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