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first official release2001-04-28

We proudly announce the first release of francine, version 0.99.8. Download it the packages from here:
francine-0.99.8.tar.gz Source .tar.gz
francine-0.99.8-1.i386.rpm RPM package, compiled for i386 architecture.
francine-0.99.8-1.src.rpm Source RPM package
not yet available Debian package

first tarball packed2000-12-05

Today the first tarball was packaged for release. Please notice that this is no official release - it is just the current cvs-snapshot (see below) to give the people the ability to load something down and test it without the overhead of the cvs commands (they are still a little cryptic to us...). Feel free to send any comments to us. For contact information take a look at the about-page, you will find your way to us there ;-)

initial release in the cvs repository2000-11-27

Today Andreas did the inital upload to the cvs repository. You can get a current snapshot from the cvs-page, but please beware - it might not work and there is NO WARRANTY for the program. It is provieded AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. See the GNU GPL for more info.

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